To be transformed into the image of Christ and no longer conformed to this world!


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Welcome to No Longer Conformed, the online preaching and teaching ministry of Erik O. Garthe. An expositor of God's Word, Erik is a Southern Baptist minister. He is the former 19-year pastor of Edgemere Baptist Church in Sparrows Point, Maryland. Pastor Erik currently serves as associate pastor at Canton Baptist Church near downtown Baltimore. Visit Erik on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. #Romans122 ... Check out Erik's sermons page.


No Longer Conformed - Daily Bible Teaching

May 13  The Road to the Cross: Pray in Faith

May 14  The Road to the Cross: The Jericho Road

May 15 The Road to the Cross: Jesus Audits Our Gifts

May 16  The Road to the Cross: Beware of Temptation

May 17  The Road to the Cross: Jesus' Final Words 

May 20  Ministry with Jesus: Get Jesus' Attention

May 21  Ministry with Jesus: Genuine Forgiveness

May 22  Ministry with Jesus: Go Home and Tell

May 23  Ministry with Jesus: A Two-Sided Coin

May 24  Ministry with Jesus: What Being a Disciple Means

May 27  Ministry with Jesus: Trustworthy Stewardship

May 28  Ministry with Jesus: Good Resource Management

May 29  Ministry with Jesus: If the Dead Could Speak

May 30  Ministry with Jesus: Faith that Pleases God

May 31  Ministry with Jesus: A Humble Heart

Jun 03  Ministry with Jesus: Only a Ready Heart

Jun 04

Jun 05  New Life in Christ: The Secret of Self-Control

Jun 06

Jun 7  The Goal of Love: Keep Love Burning

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