To be transformed into the image of Christ and no longer conformed to this world!


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Welcome to No Longer Conformed, the online preaching and teaching ministry of Erik O. Garthe. An expositor of God's Word, Erik is a Southern Baptist minister. He is the former 19-year pastor of Edgemere Baptist Church in Sparrows Point, Maryland. Pastor Erik currently serves as associate pastor at Canton Baptist Church near downtown Baltimore. Visit Erik on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. #Romans122 ... Check out Erik's sermons page.


No Longer Conformed - Daily Bible Teaching

Jun 24

Jun 25  Exposing Freemasonry: Role-Playing Games

Jun 26  Exposing Freemasonry: Self-Serving Morals

Jun 27  Exposing Freemasonry: Death-Binding Secrets

Jun 28

Jul 01

Jul 02

Jul 03

Jul 04

Jul 05

Jul 08  Principles and Methods: A Matter of Principle

Jul 09  Principles and Methods: Accepting God's Design

Jul 10  Principles and Methods: Gambling with Our Testimony

Jul 11

Jul 12  An Ecotonic America: The Right Questions

Jul 15  Lifestyle of Spiritual Excellence: The Principle of Sobriety

Jul 16  Lifestyle of Spiritual Excellence: The Principle of Repentance

Jul 17

Jul 18  Biblical Giving: Unclaimed Blessings

Jul 19

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